3D Scanning

Our 3D scanning capability is one of the many tools we use to breathe life into a project. By scanning a maquette and bringing it seamlessly into the digital realm, we can design and manipulate a high-quality, incredibly detailed custom 3D model. 

3D Printing

We can take any project from a 3D image to 3D reality using our large-format 2’ x 4’ x 2’ build platform. Creating a maquette or model first helps bring concepts to life in the physical world. In addition to our standard PLA filaments, we also utilize carbon fiber, flexible, and even glow-in-the-dark options.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) & 5-Axis Routing

We have a robust fleet of CNC machines that help us bring your story to life. Our largest CNC machine, we call her “Catherine”, has created some of the world’s most iconic pieces, including the Hogwarts Express for Universal Studios Florida and a replica of Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile. Catherine works tirelessly and is happy to run without a break, ensuring projects get done in record time.

Fabrication & Fabrication Design

We provide rich, imaginative fabrication and fabrication design for everything from events, educational settings, high-end retail spaces, immersive dining, and so much more. From 3D digital design and physical mockups to molding and casting, steel and engineering, fiberglass and finishing, plus packing, shipping, and installation, our team can tackle a wide variety of projects, from small to large-scale. 


Our team leverages Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), or positive carving, for projects that call for artificial rock. With our extensive GFRC experience, we’re able to create lifelike sculpted rock surfaces from fiberglass. From structural steel engineering to finishing, carving, painting, and even aging the surface of the artificial rock to look as though it has existed for thousands of years.  

Hotwire Foam Cutting

With our large-format hot wire foam cutter, we create profile cuts, in addition to sectioning off only the pieces of foam we require for a specific job. Paired with our foam recycling program, this sectioning helps us keep the environment in mind. 


From simple, general painting projects to speciality requirements such as chroming, we pride ourselves on our skilled painters specializing in everything from standard paint processes to scenic specialties. Our artisans have years of experience in multiple industries, which allows us to exceed expectations on our projects’ paint treatments. 


We’re thrilled to have former artists with backgrounds in film, television, and museum work on our team to bring your sculptures to life. Whether we’re recreating the likeness of an iconic President or a piece of modern art, our team delivers. 


Our team specializes in creating textures and shapes that stimulate the senses. Storyland’s finishers can take raw materials that have been poly-coated or fiberglassed, then transform them into the desired aesthetic—whether that’s beautiful, ornate, hideous, or haunting. 


We create high-quality FRP laminate composites. Our fiberglass team is equipped with years of experience and follows ACMA laminating procedures to ensure we meet your exact product design requirements.  In addition, we offer an open molding composite manufacturing process. With open molding, composite materials (both resin and fibers) are placed in an open mold, where they cure or harden while exposed to air. Tooling cost for open molds is often expensive, making it possible to use this technique for prototype and short production. 


Using our large-format platform, we can reach depths of over a foot-plus of dimension. It’s an easy way to create custom and integrated panels that can be back-filled with foam and used outside for years. Our team can fabricate rock, stone, and so much more. 


We use sandblasting to clean and age wood, strip paint, and so much more. Our silicate-based sand and large-footprint booth allow us to accommodate a wide variety of projects.


Storyland’s welders are internationally certified artists with years of experience in the commercial construction and motor sports industries. We can weld structures with aesthetics from the Stone Age to the space age—your imagination is the limit. 


Whether resin or metal, we can create molds for any project–even mass-produce characters or objects–in our four rotocast machines. After creating the mold, we’ll pour in the resin, then cast the character, which can then be filled with a material such as expanding foam for added durability. 


Our team provides woodworking and millwork capabilities for projects of all shapes and sizes. We can create custom cabinetry, themed cabinetry, doors, trim, and precision routing, all with our in-house machinery.

Polyurethane & Plastic Coating

We have the capability to apply polyurethane plastic coating to our projects in a wide variety of eye-catching colors. From our giant green Hulk statues to your custom themed environment, we’ll add a vibrant pop of color to any project. 

Technology Integration

When building out a project, we partner with tech companies to ensure their product is integrated seamlessly into the build, crafting around any required technology for the space. 


If you need sound or lighting installed in your project, we partner with the best vendors in the industry and can provide you with a quote for your project. As part of the design process, we can also include sound and lighting integration.


Want to see examples of what we’ve created with our many capabilities? Take a look at our work.