Cheat Day Land

A walk-through, pop-up art exhibit for the foodie in all of us.

Who’s Hungry?

Cheat Day Land is a whirlwind of food, fitness, and fun! We had the privilege of joining with local Los Angeles artists to create a playground of oversized foods and fun to celebrate everybody’s favorite diet day, cheat day!

Our sculptors, painters, and foam masters built over 200 tasty props and set pieces to make this picture perfect experience come to life. The original Cheat Day Land is in LA’s arts district through October 2018. Visit to learn more.Yummy Tribute to Our Favorite Cheat Meals

Cheat Day Land is a pop-up, interactive art installation featuring 15 rooms celebrating various cheat foods and treats. There’s a dripping chocolate room, a hot dog round-up, pancakes, sugary cereal, donuts, and a giant mountain of all the junk food we could fit in our workshop.

Our team of craftspeople, artists, and artisans created over 200 tasty props and sweet sets to make this delicious exhibit something to remember.

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Learn More about Cheat Day Land HERE.


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