King Tut Guardian

California Science Center

It doesn’t get much bigger than this.

In 2018, we were asked to create a 3-story-tall replica of the mysterious “Guardian from King Tut’s Tomb” that would stand tall in solemn vigil outside the California Science Center’s newest exhibit, King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh.

Our sculpture is a scale replica, 500% bigger than the original on display at the exhibit. Working from actual photos and dimensions of the ancient statue (and 3D scans of souvenir statuettes from the gift shop), we sculpted what is likely the world’s largest version of the famous figure.

Big, Bigger, BIGGEST

In the 20th Century, there was no bigger archaeological discovery than King Tut’s tomb. In the 1970s, 10 million people (give or take a few hundred thousand) flocked to see the treasures of the tomb. Today, it still remains the most popular archaeological museum exhibit to ever tour the world.

So what better way to celebrate the final exhibition tour of King Tut’s treasure that with a GIGANTIC replica of the Egyptian Pharaoh’s guardian statue.

The figure began its public display at The Original Farmers Market, L.A.’s famous cultural and foodie destination, as part of Metropolitan Fashion Week, pairing with an ancient Egyptian-inspired fashion show. The statue draws tons of attention and promotes the traveling exhibit until it leaves L.A. for its next destination in the 10-city world tour.

The actual Guardian is on display in Los Angeles along with many of the priceless artifacts until January 2019, when it leaves forever, never to return to the west coast again.

Learn More about King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh HERE.


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