Our challenge at Storyland Studios was to update SEA LIFE’s original aquarium design at the LEGOLAND® California Resort in Carlsbad, California.

Our team set out to update the interior design of the SEA LIFE Aquarium to both revamp their original design and refresh the look of the brand. With the Merlin Entertainments design team’s concepts in hand, we began working to build on their ideas.

SEA LIFE’s educators and scientists partnered creatively with our team to bring the design team’s concepts to life. Our team worked many night shifts, covering fish tanks every night so their sleep wasn’t interrupted. When it came to normal, creative-install tasks (like drilling, screwing, and applying graphics to walls), we had to come up with creative solutions to be able to provide the final design.

Additionally, we helped create an experience called “Sea at Night” where visitors could jump, leap or “splash” into simulated bioluminescent waves that reacted to their footsteps. The reaction created by the guests’ movements demonstrated the effect of a glowing tide similar to ones often seen along the Pacific coastline.

Millions of visitors have enjoyed LEGOLAND® California Resort, many of whom also visit SEA LIFE during their stay.